Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Good Riddance June

June sucked for me.

Deaths, robbery, broken hot water heater... I am so over it...

but apparently I was wrong.

I know that the whole month didn't suck but man, it's so easy to remember the bad parts.

What exactly are these cuticles doing??

In my brain my month of June was going to be calm and a time for me to maybe take a few days off to relax a little and handle some tasks.  Tasks that make me feel like a little less like a ogre and more like a human.  You know, like handle my seriously terrifying eyebrows, or the chipped shellac and raggedy cuticles... and my toes... oh my dear toes how they miss some decent polish.

These toes are so bad, I won't even show you the real color #filtersAreTheBest

I'd started a new work schedule working only 4 days a week, woo hoo!!  I had big plans... then the curve balls came flying.

The first week went as best as it could for someone who has lost a day of work but hadn't given up any work so, I expected an adjustment period.  I was super busy the first few days of June and knew I'd be pretty busy into the next week for a few days.  I thought I was prepared... I wasn't.  There were changes out of our control in a process with one of our outside service providers that caused huge time delays in my work.  Something that may have taken a few hours now takes a few days... ugh...  I can deal with those kinds of changes even if there are a few process changes on my end.

Week two came along and knocked me flat on my face.  Death is never easy but two at once is beyond rough.  I attended 5 different funeral events in the matter of 7 days.  There were a lot of good memories and I learned about these people on a deeper level that made me reassess my ways of thinking.  Within those 7 days I also attended a graduation and still had to work (on a brand new schedule)... I'm strong but this was testing my abilities to function properly.

There were some fun events during the month too.  Graduations and proms with tons of pictures.  Birthday parties with kids and cake which were a blast with my little people.  Even father's day as bittersweet as it can be for me was still a joyous occasion especially with my dear husband and our darlings.

Even a little family time at the driving range

The month of June was however relentless.

No more than a few hours after fun, presents, cake and a few tears, there was anger.  My car was broken into... you can read about that here.  I mean come on!  At least this wasn't the worst thing ever.

I always love getting knocked in the pocket book big time...just kidding.  I hate spending money, not to say that I don't like getting and having stuff but the part where the money flies out the bank really bothers me.  If I'm going to get something, I at least want it to make me feel some type of way other than broke... buying a new hot water heater will just make you feel broke... I mean it does make me feel some type of way when there is no hot water.

I think that was it for the stuff that I wasn't loving in June.  I mean it's only the third week in July and I'm finally finishing this post.  Haha!  Clearly I'm on top of all things in my life including the stack of mail in my to-do pile.  There is so much more to write about, but I'm feeling kid of lost in this post as I started it in June and couldn't get it finished until well into the middle of July.  I think I'm going to call it quits.

July is going to be better and August is going to be even better than that!!  Right?  Yes, think positive.

I mean, with a view like this, July is already looking better than June

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