Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Be proud of yourself

Tonight as my husband and I sat on the couch we talked about my work evaluation. Although this wasn't my best year it wasn't the worst it could have been. I'm not going to lie. This year was a struggle for me. I'd had a baby last December and I really struggled with the idea that I'd have to go back to work. There were some other promising changes that were supposed to be made through the year to my husband and me that didn't come through but in the end things worked out.

I wasn't really happy about the work evaluation but I thought about all the other things that happened this year and I realized I have lots to be proud about. I have a healthy happy baby girl who is progressing nicely. My husband had been there for so many different nights of my ridiculousness and supports all of it. We've made big plans for our future and they are starting to fall into place. So I've got lots to be proud of.

I think sometimes wet just need to remind ourselves it's okay to be proud of things that others may think are insignificant. Be proud of all of what you do and don't be afraid to tell people of the things you are proud of.

There are far too many people embellishing their accomplishments that don't deserve quite the cheerleading that the give to themselves but there are also way more people who won't even give themselves an ounce of credit when the deserve mountains of it. So if you've done something that you are proud of be your own cheerleader. Be PROUD of yourself. If you aren't going to be your own cheerleader who will be?

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