Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Oh Snap! Am I still married?

I broke my wedding ring!

How do you do that you may be asking yourself?  Well the answer is I don't know.  I was walking down the hall at work last week and heard something hit the carpet and suddenly thought, my hand feels weirdly lighter at the same time.  As I looked down I thought, "oh no!  How do I explain this to my husband?" And at the same time, "please, let that be the noise I heard."

It felt like my feet had become cement blocks when the idea that my ring broke had crossed my mind.  After my initial thoughts of panic rushed over me in a flood, my next wave of panic set in.  When was the last time I had my ring inspected?????  Where is that paperwork you can never seem to find???  Oh my God, I have to tell my husband!

Thank goodness the noise I heard was it and it only took me a minute to find it.  Whew!!!

After I found it I took the above picture and promptly text it to my husband and Instagram.  You know because those nearly life changing events have to be shared with the world.  Haha!! My husband's response was:
Yup, he went to Jared!  hahahahahahaha!!!

For once I new where it was, safely tucked into the back part of my suv (aka thrown in the back of my truck while in a rush to make my 50 lb purse lighter).  As I arrived at the jeweler I prayed that my memory had served me right and that it hadn't been more than 6 months since my last inspection.  I mean I'd been thinking that I should go get it checked out but hadn't made it to the store yet to do it.  I could not have been happier to know that I was still within my time frame.  I was screaming like a little schoolgirl inside that I hadn't gone past the inspection expiration period.

My husband and I were supposed to be shopping that day but obviously this was going to be our first stop.  Our daughter had fallen asleep on the way to the store so I went in without them and started the process... I was in the store for more than an hour.  I thought they'd take the ring, look at it and say, "yup we'll weld this bad boy together and you'll have it back by the end of the week."  Cool... not cool, the man (with the gorgeous, impeccable handwriting) inspected the ring and the diamond, and the diamond again, and the diamond again.  I thought, "wow, this guy is really thorough."  He excused himself and walked away asking if I has a few minutes to wait.  Um, yup, you kind of have my ring...

He let me know that he needed his assistant manager to take a look at it.  Of course it's Christmas time and the store is busy so this takes some time.  At this point I've been in the store so long, I'm positive that my husband and child are going to come in asking if I'm ever going to be done.  It's no big deal though.  I'm just glad I can grab some free water, I'm parched!

I watch as the assistant manager and the original man helping me look under the microscope, talk then look again.  A little more discussion, another look, and finally they look at me.  I'm thinking all kinds of crazy things like, "is this the wrong diamond?  Is it a diamond?  Do they think I did something to it?  What is going on?  I swear I'm innocent!!"  My imagination is quite vivid and can think up some crazy things.

I was way out in left field on my thoughts.  It turns out my diamond had gotten cracked.  Yes, you read that right, the diamond was cracked.  How?  I don't know but it was.  Now, I am getting a new diamond but they will have my ring for like 2 months.  *sad face*  Maybe it was a blessing in disguise but dang, I feel a bit naked without it.  So if you see me without my ring, I'm still married, just clearly too hard on my jewelry.

Lesson of the day:  Set some damn calendar reminders to have your ring inspected because it just may save your marriage!

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