Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Weekends like tornados

Monday through Friday in my world are pretty regular.  I work a normal 9-5 type job then grab my daughter head home for dinner and play time before bed and doing it all over again.  Most days I don't have anything exciting going on and don't try too hard to find something more interesting to do after work (I need to but that's a whole different post).

The weekends are a whole other story.  They come in fast and strong like a good storm add in a birthday party for my daughter and that storm turns into a F-5 tornado.  Not to say that the weekends are bad, they are just chaotic.  If you've ever asked my brother what I'm like he'll already say that I'm a tornado.  I'm forgetful and come with a whirling mess of bags and other accessories where ever I go.  I'm a mess.

This past week has been a bit rough.  Last Thursday and Friday I thought my face was going to implode from the head cold I'd picked up... then my daughter got it.  I felt like a horrible person for that.  I mean it would be hard not to give it to her but since she's been born she's only had one fever and it was so minimal that we never even gave her medicine for it.  This time was different.  I know she was feeling horrible because I felt horrible and I'm an adult and can fully articulate the problems going on.  She must have been so frustrated with me these last few days, not only am I sticking a thermometer in places she doesn't approve of but she also can't breathe through the mountains of snot clogging her delicate little nose.  I was about 5 minutes from canceling the party.  We battled her fever all Friday evening and for a good portion of Saturday.  By Sunday her fever had nearly dissipated completely but I knew she still wasn't feeling well.

Meanwhile while I wasn't sure we were still going to have a party, I bought all the food and we finished cleaning and preparing the house for the people to arrive.  My dear husband has been on a cleaning marathon.  His days are much more flexible than mine so he was able to work and clean more than me.  I've done some cleaning but not like he did.  He's wonderful.

There were some other not as happy events that also happened this weekend but let's focus on the happy ones such as having a great birthday party with lots of family and friends who were ever so generous in all the things they bought for her.  I am so very lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.  My little Mini did super well although she may not have felt like a million dollars she played and played and played until she fell asleep right on her dad's shoulder.

This blog on the other hand was the very last thing on my mind so there's that...

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