Friday, December 19, 2014

My Husband Found My Blog

Ok, not really, he knew I was writing one but he didn't realize how often I was posting and that I've been fairly active on it (maybe not as active as other people but active for me!).  He's technically seen it before because I've asked him to look at things and tell me what he thinks.

He's quite computer savvy but not in the world of social media.  He's the guy that hasn't had a social media account since Friendster and MySpace were the biggest things out there. It kind of makes me laugh because if you look at my phone vs his phone, I've got a folder called "social media" filled with all my social media apps from Facebook to WeHeartIt.  He's got Stitcher Radio and Candy Crush.  We are total opposites when it comes to phone apps.

I'm not saying that I'm that active on all of those sites but I at least know if them and know how to use them.  My favorite social media site has to be Instagram.  I mean who doesn't love looking at pictures.  I'm almost disappointed that they have videos now because I just want to see pictures.

He did tell me that he was pretty impressed that there were people looking at my blog but then he asked who was looking at it... I don't know, I just know that there are at least a few people who are out there taking a look at it.  The internet is a funny place.  It is a nice place where you can be out there being who you really want to be but you can also be a complete fraud.  I'm not a fraud.  This is me just being me.

So darling husband if you read this, thank you!  I hope you at least enjoy the posts!  Love you!!

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