Monday, December 1, 2014

Oh, Christmas Tree

As I laid in bed this morning I started to wonder why an evergreen tree as THE Tree of Christmas.  


If you read Dear Santa, you would know that I haven't put up a traditional tree for quite a few years.  There have been quite a few family members who have made comments about how we "need" to put up the tree.  A Christmas tree doesn't change the holiday for me.  I do have a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree that my best friend purchased a few years ago as a joke but I've put that tree up for quite a few years.  This has literally been the extent of my decorating as of the last few years.

Why an evergreen tree though?  I've read quite a few different variations of why but essentially it has come down to the fact that an evergreen is just that, ever green.  In the winter when all the leaves have fallen off the trees and the ground will no longer let the crops grow, an evergreen is alive and flourishing even in the harshest of weather.  Some also believed that evergreens would keep away evil spirits, ghosts, sickness, etc.  I often feel like traditions were started to ward away all kinds of bad things such as spirits and illness.

There are so many different variations of the story of the Christmas tree it would be a ridiculous blog post.  I am not going to put up a traditional tree again this year but I did purchase one of these cute little things from Trader Joe's (this isn't mine, I borrowed the picture).  

This week I'm going to decide on what I am going to do for a tree.  I think I will make this year's tree out of wrapping paper and lights (I'll try to make a post about that). <-- Blogger's being a little wonky and not letting me realign things.  Sorry!

For now let's just look at some other beautiful trees that people have posted:

Christmas Tree🌲⛄️❄️

Christmas-Tree-Ornament-Mobile F

I hope you all find whatever traditions work for you and your family.

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