Thursday, January 21, 2016

This is when I get all mom on you: Going back to work

This is going to be the chapter in my life when so many of my blog posts are going to be all mommy related.  That's your only warning.  If that's not your thing, cool.  If it is your thing, cool.  I appreciate this space and will be getting into the whole mommy whirlwind that my life has become recently.

I recently have gone back to work at my office job.  It's obvious that although I was not working at the kind of job that provides me with cash in the bank and a W-2 that I was extremely busy working.  It's called being a mom.

Being off of work was so much more work for me because I didn't take time to find a schedule to do things that require me to sit down and actually schedule out a little time for them, like writing in this blog.  Not working a regular schedule allowed me to do things like get my house in a little better order.  I took the time to purge more clothes that I will probably never wear in my life ever again and finally catch up on laundry.  But this poor blog got left in the dust.  There are times that I wish I lived in other places like Canada or Sweden so that I'd get a year of work off.  I loved being at home with the kids (most days).

Now that everyone is on a schedule I've decided that this little space on the internet is going to be part of my week again.  I loved writing in it and felt guilty that I wasn't when I was off work.  As time went on I know that if I were still at home with my darlings that we would all get back on schedule and this blog would come back to life but in the beginning it's hard.  Very hard.  Being forced to go back kind of slapped us in the face of schedules and thus I found time to blog again.

I've decided that for a little while this blog will probably be pretty dedicated to this chapter in my life where I learn to balance two kids and a few jobs while trying to make a place for my venting/creativity to come out.  So in the mean time before I get all review crazy with pumps, bags, and parent conveniences, here are a few pictures of my darlings that I'd like to share.

I guess this is how we take pictures

Say "CHEESE!!"

Chicken nuggets and straws anyone?

Good girl Jinx.

Poor Jinx, she didn't want anything to do with that silly hat but she's a good dog.

My Christmas day beauty


More Christmas day fun

Smile beautiful!


Feel my brain giving you all my smarts child!

Okay, maybe not...
Wild Lights at the zoo.

She L-O-V-E-S her brother

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