Monday, December 21, 2015

Silly girl

I'm not really sure what I expected the second time around but let me tell you, I am a silly girl.  All that extra time I had with my daughter has vanished.  Poof!  Like a magic act, except no one is going to magically bring it back.

I had all these crazy ideas about how I was going to have time to do things that I think about doing and just don't because I lack the time.  You know like, blog every week and tell you about things I am happy to use again as a mom.  I thought I'd be documenting moments with my children as I've always wanted to but never have the time to.  I thought I'd finally clean up my hard drives and delete pictures that aren't ever going to be used to free up a little more room.  I even thought I could catch up on the latest season of Orange is the New Black.

Boy was I wrong.  I think I have been wrong about everything this time through.  I think I need to stop making plans so much.

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