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This is where I get all mom on you: Breast Pump Bags (part 2)

This is part two of "Breast Pump Bags" (you can read part one here).

So after carrying the beauty called Lizzy for about a week.  I decided to switch to the other bag, Kelly.

It is so funny to me how much one little bag can have an impact on my life.  Number one, bags make me happy.  I can't explain why, it's just one of those things.  Number 2, they are functional and we all need function in our lives.  Enough with my crazy thought process and on to my thoughts about the bag.

Quick recap of my needs in a bag as a working mom:
  • Must be able to carry pump, accessories, computer and possibly a lunch
  • Must sit well against my body
  • Easy to clean/wipe
  • Can be used after I'm done torturing myself for approximately a year and no longer use it specifically as a pump bag
  • Looks nice

Hello Kelly.  You sure are pretty

I like the logo patch, it's not huge or in your face but simple and classy

Front pocket number one with a zip closure.
This was deep enough for me to stick my hand down to the bottom of the bag

Front pocket number two with a zip closure.
Again, this was a deep as the bag.

Hello pocket number three!  I love all these outside pockets!
This one had a hook and loop closure and only went down about half way.  Still a great pocket.

Double zippers for the pump pocket

My PISA in the pocket... and yes I'm pumping so the tubes are sticking out...

The little note they put in the bags where you can place a picture of your darling babe.

These are the straps for the backpack conversion.  

They both have pretty sturdy metal clasps and adjusters

The design on the straps is the same as the bag.  They are padded like you'd expect from a regular backpack.
This is where the little clasp for the straps is housed.  I thought that was pretty nifty... yes nifty.

Here is the ring you clasp the backpack strap to

This is the back pocket where the straps hide when you're not using them.
The pocket goes all the way down to the bottom so if you needed the room, it is available.

Side pocket is nice and deep.
Look it expands!!

Inside pocket already filled with my junk

Some of my pump supplies... I was using the rest as I took these pictures

This is the computer pocket.  It's padded

The hook and loop on the outside pockets.

With the points above in mind and the pictures to tell the story, here are my thoughts on Kelly:


  • This is also a very aestetically nice to look at.  The print and the style are nice.
  • I love that it has so many different pockets.  There are three on the front.  There is the pump pocket on the side.  On the other side there is an expandable smaller pocket.  On the back there is another pocket that is the depth of the bag that also houses the straps that turn it into a backpack.  There is also a zip pocket in the inside.
  • The fact that it has both the longer handles and the backpack straps is awesome #versatilitybaby
  • The pump pocket is big enough for the larger pumps such as the Medela Symphony which I use as well as the Pump In Style Advanced.  I keep the PISA in the pocket, which leaves enough room for me to put my pump bra, a few milk bags, a Sharpie and the plug in there
  • Some of the outside pockets have zippers some just have hook and loop (aka Velcro).  I think both have a purpose.  I like zippers for things that I need to make a little more secure and hook and loop for things I need quick access to
  • It is a large bag that fits all my pump supplies and my work computer
  • I love that there is a dedicated padded computer compartment inside the bag

  • It is a little small in the sense that I'd like to put all my pump supplies, my work computer and a lunch in the bag.  I can do it but my lunch has to be pretty small
  • The handles are long enough to put on my shoulder but when the bag is packed full they're just a bit awkward against my body
  • I love the concept of the backpack straps and really thought that those would make it the winner but again it felt awkward when I tried to carry it that way.

In reality that is a pretty short list of cons and I was already comparing it to another two bags I'd carried.  I was really just comparing it to the Lizzy the whole time because I know I'm going to keep one of the two bags.  

So which bag am I going to dedicate to be my daily pump bag??  Lizzy

Why you ask?  Well these were the following reasons why Lizzy was better for me:
  • The long strap on the Lizzy that could be used like a crossbody or a shoulder strap were more comfortable for me to carry
  • The Kelly bag, while a great size was just a little smaller and with all the things I carry I need a little more space #overpreparedallthetime
  • I like the print on the Lizzy more than the Kelly.  The interior color doesn't look as nice in the pictures but I like the green/blue better than the pink/black and white combo
  • The little leather touch on the carry handles was a nice touch to me.  I think it makes the bag look a little more polished
  • The dual pump/cooler pockets are something I liked more than I thought when I wrote my original post about Lizzy.  At first I thought they were kind of silly to have two of those pump/cooler pockets... now I love them #AbsenceMakesTheHeartGrowFonder
While both bags are wonderful, I personally liked the bigger bag with the longer strap.  I do wish the Lizzy had all the pockets on the outside that Kelly had but hey, you don't get everything you want all the time.  

Have any of you found a pump bag that you are in love with?  Why did you like it so much?  I'm always looking for the next mommy convenience in my life.  I'm all about making things easier on ourselves at this point in life because having kids is hard already... not having the right tools can be torturous.  

Please note, that I purchased these bags with my hard earned cash and no one asked me to tell you about them but if this helps one person's decision.  I'm glad to help :-)

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