Thursday, February 18, 2016

I need to quit playing myself

I 'm a pretty determined person.  Once, I've decided that I am going to do something I do it.  Not sure how that works but once my mind is made up I guess I decide there are no other options so I just get it done.  Well, the one thing that I have a tenancy to not follow through on one thing... eating right.  I'm not saying that I am not eating my veggies or anything, I just need to get some of this additional padding off my body #LoseSomeWeightGirl!

I mean check out this sexy extra chin I'm sporting

On more than one occasion I have been told by someone close to me that once I've set my mind on something I just do it.  Okay, so I hear you.  I'm going to do it.  Of course eating better is hard.  Food is delicious.  I LOVE FOOD.  Not that I am going to change my mindset because no matter what I will still love food but I need to love it a little less.

Mmmmm... hey big girl!

Usually when I think that I'm going to get it together I go strong for two weeks.  After two weeks I usually succumb to my desires of a juicy Delmonico steak with rice and asparagus or possibly a ridiculously juicy bar burger with crispy french fries or possibly a bowl of homemade spaghetti with a side of garlic bread or something equally as calorific.  I tend to be an all or nothing kind of person.  If I'm doing it, I'm doing it.  There is no moderation for me.  I'm not going to reach in the bag for one Oreo I'm going to eat like 10.

Cheese glorious, cheese!!

Maybe it's my generation's need for immediate gratification but I want to see results.  Losing weight, and more importantly size, is like watching paint dry.  It sucks, it seems like it takes forever and I don't want to do it but once it is done I feel a sense of accomplishment and love the result.

This week I decided to go all in for this goal.  Three pregnancies, a jacked up thyroid and getting older have let me get a bit fluffier than I'd prefer.

I'd prefer not to look like his sister.

On Sunday, I went ahead a prepped all my lunches for work and got my mind right.  So far I have been doing well.  In the past I never would make a full week's worth of lunches because I'd usually just eat dinner left overs but I'm not a garbage disposal.  I should be eating according to my plan.  So, I've picked my plan and I'm sticking to it.

Next week, should be interesting because that is usually when I begin to waiver, however I have a plan.  Next week, I'll be planning both lunch and dinner for myself.  Not that I won't be making dinner for the family but I will be focused on cooking their meals and my meals.

This doggone blog makes me hold myself accountable... the torture I put myself through...

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