Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Work on it Wednesday: I'm working on it

I am proud of myself.  I am actually working on it.  Slightly inconsistent and definitely in need of more determination but I am working on it!

What is it?  Well, two things.  The first is my weight.  As you may have read in my last post (over a month ago, whoops!), I wanted to get some of this additional padding off of me.  The second is learning to edit videos.

How you may ask have I been working on these goals?
Well, the first is pretty easy.  I have been really, really, really watching what goes into my mouth lately.  Counting macros is the easiest way for me to eat towards my goals without losing my mind.  It is so easy to get on the "I can do it hard core" train then fall off shortly after because you've restricted yourself so much that you just can't stop yourself from inhaling an entire bag of nacho cheese Doritos followed up by an entire carton of Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby (mmmmm, delicious!).  Both of which I won't eat because #NoDiary #NotByChoice.  So, I opt to calculate nearly every bite of food that enters my mouth.

I think this is part of my need for exact information sometimes.  It has been working and the thing is I know it works for me.  One of the biggest factors in making it work this time is not "needing" someone to do it with me.  I'm an introvert by nature.  No, not a recluse, an introvert.  Whenever I read about factors that can help you lose weight they say, "get a partner to help hold you accountable."  That doesn't work for me I've realized.  I need to do it on my own.  If someone wants to tag along, I'm definitely cool with that but if you are doing it with me, don't be rocking my boat!

Something that has helped me get motivated are two things that always seems to help.  Competition and money.  I watch a daily vlogging family on You Tube and the wife had a baby just a few weeks before me and is trying to get rid of her baby weight and get back in shape.  She was is great shape before getting pregnant, me, not so much but that's ok.  It is what it is.  She did a Diet Bet.  She'd hosted one before the one I joined but I thought, what the heck, why not.

Miko motivators: money and competition

It ends today and I am happy to report that I met the goal of the 4% weight loss.  I am a little funny about weight loss.  I feel like it isn't always the best indication of people doing the right thing especially for people who don't have too much weight to lose but for people like me who have quite a bit to lose it can work.  I mean as long as people are going about it in a healthy manner it is good to probably lose a few pounds.

I don't necessarily have a weight loss goal, rather I have a size goal.  Currently, I am wearing a loose size 12 dress/pant.  I'm probably more like a 10 but I'm trying not to get ahead of myself and blow it.  Realistically, I'd like to be a comfortable 8.  I've never really been a small person.  As an adult, I've floated between a size 8 all the way up to a 14.  Looking back, I was pretty comfortable as a size 8.  However, this time, I'd like to be a leaner stronger size 8.  Maybe even a size 6.  Who knows but I wouldn't be mad if we got there.

The important part is that I'm working on it!

The second thing is editing.  When learning something that you have to do on your own time with no "Miko Motivators" to help it's hard.  I am very lucky that I have a resource at my house who can tell me things that an untrained eye such as mine wouldn't normally see because my husband works in a field that requires him to be an editor.  I started trying to edit and really learn it about the middle of 2014.  There were quite a few "failure to launch" moments since then but I finally feel like I can do it.  Yes, I need a whole lot of finesse still but hey starting is the hardest part.

I actually recorded, edited and posted a video to You Tube.  Talk about vulnerability.  Social media is funny like that, it's a way for you to put yourself out there but you've put yourself out there.  For me it was a way of teaching myself to not let my comfort zone keep me stagnant.  Being comfortable is exactly what I didn't want.  Maybe it was social media again helping me(??).

It all really started because of my daughter.  I really want to teach her not to make my mistakes.  I've spent far too much of my life playing it safe and trying to do what meets the approval of other people all the while not being really happy myself.  We are lucky enough to live in a time where we can do these things.

Also, I really was feeling like I was missing out on tons of memories that will make me look back and smile.  It's nice to have a record of when things happened and as much as I'd like to believe that I'm always going to remember a moment, realistically, I'll probably forget.  I hope that I keep going on this and creating memories for all of us to look back on and smile.  I mean she already loves looking at videos of herself.

Again, I'm just happy that I'm working on it.  So cheers to more Work on it Wednesdays!!

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