Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Work on it Wednesday: Am I too old for this??


The answer is no.

Starting over and doing something new is okay.  I try to limit the reckless things that I do but I feel like starting over is not reckless if it is done right.

But what is "right"??

There are so many times that I wish I had a reset button so that I could do things over.  Then I remember that if I had the chance to do it over would I make the same choices?  Did the choices that I made back then help me figure out the mistakes that I'd made so that I could make different mistakes and moves in the future?  Who knows... There are so many different things that could have happened but I feel like each move that I've made in my past has led me to where I am now, starting over.

Starting over is tough.  It gets even tougher when there are people who rely on you.  If you've mosied through this blog you'd know, I have kids and a husband.  My husband and I work as a team so that means it's my job to do my part.  So, I have to do my part and that means that I can't just jump off the cliff of hope and think everything is going to be okay.  There are responsibilities that need to be addressed: house, car, insurance, food, etc.  All of these things could be seen as obstacles.  I choose to think that it is just going to make me more creative in my quest to start over.

I do wish I'd been a little A LOT less chicken when I was younger and had fewer responsibilities but hey, such is life.  Being older than others is just comparing yourself to another person.  Their story and circumstances are different.  You never know if they are going to have the same thought process a few years down the road and be afraid to start over because they're so far down the road that starting over seems like an impossible task.

Yup, it looks kind of like that

It is not impossible, it's just the detour route to where you need to go.  It may not be the fastest way there but self improvement along the journey is part of the process.

I'm working on my process.  I'm taking the detour.  I like the scenery.  It may take me a little longer to get where I'm going but that's ok.  I'm going to smell the roses along the way.

What do you feel like you're too old for??

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