Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I could have done better

A few days ago, I just got really disappointed in myself because I know I could have done better.

I've been trying to work on being more positive and finding the good in things but sometimes it is a real struggle.  I want to get into a mind set that I practice what I preach to my little beings which is: 1) be positive and find the good in the situation and; 2) don't take ever thing so serious.  The other thing that I know I need to work on is giving a better effort when I'm assigned a task... like my job.

This is an ever growing list of personal improvement.  I wish I had known about the mindset of thinking and doing until it happens rather than just accepting things for what they are (to a certain extent).  If everyone just accepted things for what they were we wouldn't have some of the greatest inventions.  People didn't just accept things, they wanted to make them better and worked towards that goal.

Since I've been back to work from maternity leave I've been at nearly 100% capacity.  That's a long time in my opinion to be that busy.  As a result of that this blog has suffered because when I get home I just want to veg out.  Turn off my brain and spend some time with my babies.

It was a big day for me.  It was was issue day.  I'm an accountant and one of my larger once a year projects is an audit.  My financial statements were going to be issued this day.

We were down to our final items to get done.  The day before I knew that we were waiting on one piece of information from the audit team that needed to go into a meeting this morning to be signed at 9:00 am.  I should have been the one to review and print the letter... I didn't, my boss did it.  What was I thinking??

I'm frustrated by the fact that I should have been more prepared.  I could have done better.

Even if the task is a crappy one, it's part of my job and I should have done it better.  I know everyone has forgetful moments and parts of their job they don't want to do but geez.  It was like the last thing to do.  It's just another one of those reminders: don't get too comfortable.  When you get too comfortable that's when you screw up.

So add that one to the list of self-improvement: Do better if you can.

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