Thursday, June 9, 2016

People in Your Life

I'm actually forcing myself to write this post because I've been putting off writing a post for a while.  I keep a reminder for everything in my phone and for the last few weeks I have been hitting dismiss all too enthusiastically when I should have been stopping to write (bout whatever felt right at the time).  I know there are people who have dedicated their blog to specific topics and that's great but this one is about whatever I feel like when I feel like it... kinda.

I got a little off topic just now... back to the point of this post: People in your life.

I have been blessed enough in life to be born into some pretty amazing families.  Not balling out of control, everyone gets a Ferrari when they turn 16, but the kind filled with love, support and great history.

Even more of a blessing, I have a husband who also has a great family.  Over the last decade or so, we have become just as comfortable with each others' families as if they were the one we were born into.  Add in a few kids and bam! You are in so tight with each other that you don't even need your partner to visit "their" side of the family.  That's your family too so you just go.

You never know who you are going to be super attached to or how; it just happens.

People are in our lives for a reason.  Use every resource you can from each other and remember that you never know how many seasons of your life they will be there for.

It doesn't matter how many times we are told to slow down or to live in the moment we all get busy and forget... maybe not everyone but I do.

What does a yellow light mean??

Make the most of the time you have with them.  If it takes putting a reminder in your phone to remember to slow down and live in the moment, then do it!  I have one of those just because, I can get too caught up in my duties and responsibilities to remember to slow down.  I've been told by so many people in the last few weeks that they wished they'd slowed down because they rushed their kids growing up, rushed through college, or rushed their last visit with someone.

We're given special people in our lives for a reason.  It may not be apparent at first but as you and they grow, you will begin to take pieces of each other.  I am so extremely grateful for some of the most patient, calm, hard working pieces that I picked up from a very special person in my life.

Slow down, be present, live in the moment, use whatever catchy saying you need to use because you never know when your time with people in your life will be no longer.

It's baby stuff...

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