Thursday, March 5, 2015

Work on it Wednesday: Let's form a new habit

Okay so I'm a little late on the "Work on it Wednesday" post because it is Thursday but hey, these blogs are inconsistent and I'm okay with that.

So Work on it Wednesday is what I've called in the past Let's Try to Form a New Habit.  Well, I have been trying to form a new habit of reading more and I've been doing pretty well.  I have been trying to read at least one chapter every night.  Well, last night I may have fallen asleep before I got through a whole chapter but I tried.

I've been reading two books right now.


The first book I bought years ago and never read it.  It has probably been sitting next to my bed for two years for now.  It's a little slow getting into it but hey, I'm reading it.  I think I'm finally getting to the part where it picks up.  We'll see how long it takes before I get done and if it really picks up. 

The second book I borrowed from a good friend's mother (Thanks Mrs. House!).  I guess this is a whole series and this is the first in the series.  I hope I have the order right otherwise the other books she let me borrow will be a bit confusing.  Haha!  This book hasn't picked up really either but I'm not sure that I'm far enough in to say it is a slow read.  It is a very easy read however and that I do like right now.  Reading shouldn't be a job.

I'm really glad that I blogged about this because I don't know if I would have held myself accountable or not.  Either way I'm doing it!  I'm happy about that so, yay!! 

Have you read any good books lately?  Or what is your favorite book?

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