Friday, March 6, 2015

That's Jared

So if you have been reading my posts you would know that my wedding ring broke back in December... Yes, December.  What month is this?  March?  Yes, yes it is March.  Where is my ring?  Well it is still in the "diamond room".  It's been in the "diamond room" since January at the very latest.

When I dropped of my ring they said six to eight weeks because it needed to be sent to the corporate office because I needed the diamond to be replaced.  Okay, that seems reasonable.  I'm a fairly reasonable person so that didn't seem like an outlandish amount of time for a ring to be in for repair especially because they needed to find a new diamond with specs like mine or better.

Of course they don't want to give me a better diamond.  We all know that.

Well, around nine weeks I started to call and ask about the status.  Everytime I call all I get is, "Your ring is still in the diamond room.  They still have not found a match.  We don't know how long it is going to take.  I'm sorry I have no more information."  Okay now I know that I have a diamond that is certified but let's be real, I don't have a seven carat, canary yellow, flawless diamond.  My diamond is around one carat nearly colorless and had a few flaws in it.  I'm sure it isn't that rare.

With that being said, I understand that it is a naturally occurring gem and that it may be hard to find an exact match because it isn't man made.

My calls have gotten me exactly no where.

My social media post did however get immediate attention!  It is so frustrating to me that we have to get all social media crazy to get results.  I know that companies don't want bad publicity and I really don't want to have to give you any but damn, for real, I got an email and a call within an hour of my post. Why can't I get that when I call?  You know actual human interaction.

It's really sad to me that if the public can't see your frustration then it's ok.  That you can call and complain and nothing happens but the second you put it out on social media that you are unhappy they are jumping through hoops to satisfy you and clean up their image.

Come on companies, just do your damn job and you won't have to do clean up!

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