Thursday, April 23, 2015

I Lost My Camera

I'm so annoyed with myself.

Sometimes, I can be such a tornado and lose things but I'm mad about this one.  I lost my point-and-shoot camera.  It didn't even make it a year.  So sad...

It's been missing for some time but I've finally decided that I've actually lost it.  I've accepted it.  If my brother were to read this he would think this is so like me.  I can be a tornado, he is the one who actually started calling me a tornado.  I've always been a little flighty when it comes to locating my stuff, I mean, I'm the person who found out that there is a limit to the number of insurance claims you can have on a cell phone when you lose them.  It's so bad.

I shouldn't really complain because I still have other cameras to use but I lost the memory card and everything.  I probably didn't have too much on the card but it still sucks I really like all the memories that I catch.  My phone is a perfectly capable of taking pictures but it's not always the fastest.  There is also my trusty Canon T2i which has been a great camera for many years but it's big and it is not the camera that you can take everywhere without looking like a tourist.  Oh well.

I'm really struggling with the idea of buying another camera but I'm not one of those people who easily justifies spending money.  Plus if I'm going to buy a new camera I need to do research and check to see what cameras are best, the pros and cons, battery life, memory cards...  Oh goodness I turn everything into a research project.  Gah!!

Part of me hopes that it is in my truck under a seat or something and I just overlooked it.  Hopefully my purse fell over and it just slipped under something.  I'm going to give my truck and my house a good once over (again) this weekend and hope that it just magically appears.  Keep your fingers crossed! 

More adventures of the girl who is a tornado...

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