Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I got my ring back...

This should be the time where I'm jumping through the roof with excitement because I've been waiting so long for this silly thing.  I'm not.  As a matter of fact, I could not be more disappointed.

I should be happier :-/

I got it back and before the ring was even on my finger I noticed that the diamond is smaller and the prongs are crooked.  WTF!!  I mean seriously, it looks like they sent this off to Janky Jimmy Discount Jewelry Repair and Oil Change Shop.  As I had the flu and was feeling much like standing at the counter was was the most monumental task I had done since Wednesday, I declined further argument with the man at the counter and dashed off to my car to sit and sip water with desperation.

I'm not asking for more than a whole version of this

The one thing the man at the counter said to me was, "you are the biggest critic of your ring."  He may have said some other things as well but that part stood out.  You are damn right sir.  I am the biggest critic of MY ring.  I've been wearing it since May of 2011.  I've stared at it for hours and I know the bubble inclusion in my ring.  So as I said before, this diamond is smaller.

I just want this back.  I loved my ring as it was!

I've since called Jared back informed them that I am unhappy with the work and the new gem.  My thoughts are this:

  1. It's not like I was trying to get over on you.  I brought my ring in when it broke thinking the head would just get soldered back onto the band and wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am we'd be done
  2. The original diamond probably has a laser inscription with the serial number on the damn diamond as it was certified
  3. I immediately could see that the prongs on the new head are not set straight (with my naked eye)!
  4. I'm not expecting to get a two carat diamond out of the deal, I just don't want to be downgraded
  5. How does this happen?? and how do I prove that they are wrong??!!
  6. I'm so frustrated
  7. I still have the flu and this is taking too much of my energy

Hopefully this all gets sorted out.  I've got my fingers crossed... maybe it's a sign, I should look into other colored gems...

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