Thursday, April 2, 2015

They found a diamond!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness!  (I know that is way, way too many exclamation marks but I'm beyond excited)

I just called Jared about my ring and they finally located a diamond!  It hasn't made it onto my ring yet but they located a diamond.  Call all the presses, this is wonderful.  I've missed my ring.  I was starting to feel like I was never going to get it back (you can read more about that here).  I am definitely not impressed with Jared and this process but hey maybe I'll never have to deal with this again if they quit breaking my stuff.

My husband bought the ring from a larger well known store because he wanted a warranty.  I'm sure he was buying the warranty as a just-in-case type thing (definitely not because his wife is extremely hard on everything and totally full of grace).  Well, lucky for me he did buy it and we have had to use it quite a few times, including my on the day of the wedding (maybe a story for the future).  I never in my life thought that it was going to be this ridiculous process of eventually calling the store nearly every week, complaining on twitter and even phone stalking the corporate offices to get it fixed.

Yup, that happened today while I was trying to remove the seed from an avocado.  Smooth I tell ya, smooth.

Not only was I disappointed in the process of how long it took to get some kind of resolution but I am not thrilled with the customer service.  The people at the store where I dropped it off were great but the people at the corporate office were not.  I swear they figured that since they already have my property that I am at their mercy (well, they were right about that).  From the corporate office people not returning my messages to the lack of an update, I mean that is just crap.

What happened to really listening to the customer?  Part of me wishes that we would have bought my ring from somewhere smaller with someone we could really talk to and see but maybe they wouldn't have provided a warranty.  At this point, I'm not sure that the warranty is worth the trouble that they put you through to keep it.

Enough with the complaining.  This is a happy time!  We are going to get a ring back soon... not sure when but I'll have a better estimate once I get a phone call later today or tomorrow regarding the timing of it.  Woo hoo!!

Welcome back (soon) dear

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