Wednesday, July 1, 2015

All or Nothing

When I have ideas my brain is like the Hoover Dam. It's either open and the ideas are pouring out so fast that I can't keep them all and some escape while generating lots of energy. Or, it's completely closed off and there is nothing but a dry wall and a slim Colorado River at the bottom with a full Lake Mead holding a wealth of ideas.

I say ask of this because I haven't been blogging and it's not because I haven't thought about it. It's more like Hoover Dam is closed and I just having nothing to write about. There are several posts that I've started and clearly never posted because you'd have seen them. It's frustrating to have this block.

Sometimes I wish that I was really into something that was constantly changing or had a wealth of products to be reviewed. Clearly I'm lacking here. I think about the people who love makeup or are super tech savvy, they have something to write about. There's always a new color, brand, line, update or something that's coming out so they have something to write about. Me? Well I just have my ranting ways to write about. Sometimes I just can't take my own bitching so I can't always write about that... that gets old. Fast.

This must be a tiny taste of what real writers go through when they say they have writers' block. I can't imagine if I were trying to write a book or something and I were lacking for ideas or direction. Just staring at the screen or paper thinking, "there is nothing here. Just vast emptiness." How frustrating. I'd probably be getting more and more frustrated by the fact that I was torturing myself by sitting there. However is tell myself that I wasn't allowed to do anything fun until I did something productive. I make stupid rules like that. For example, when I was in college I wasn't allowed to read books for fun until I'd completed my assignments or read my chapters. Why am I so mean to myself?!

Who made me think these torturous rules were a good idea??

I'm hoping that by writing this post that maybe the gates of the damn will open and I will get back on a roll again.

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