Monday, July 20, 2015

I was silent for a reason

Have you ever been in a situation where you made a silent gesture and received a verbal response??  Oh you have?  Wow!  That is amazing... we'll not really because I feel like at one time or another we've all been there.

What I can't understand is why on earth would you respond verbally to what I just said?  You know I am very capable of speaking with my mouth in words that are easily understood by all but I chose to not use them.  

We've all been in a situation with someone where they knew what our thoughts were on the situation.  However in one inconvenient second they forgot who we were and what those thoughts were.  It's always baffling to me that those things happen.  I mean I get that some people don't get sarcasm but dang, sometimes I just can't believe the other things that can get past people.  

Just remember that if you get a silent gesture or look (see above) don't verbally respond like a buffoon.

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