Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I blew it

Do ever have that moment when you are talking to someone and you are thinking, yup, I could really hang out with this person.  Then you leave, never grabbing their number or any way to contact them only later to think, well that was dumb.

Clearly it happened to me.  A few months ago I went to a mom-to-mom sale and ended up talking to one of the moms who was selling clothes there for like 30 or 40 minutes.  We had a great conversation.  I actually had to leave to get to a surprise birthday party so I was the one who had to cut it off.

After I left, all I kept thinking was well that was dumb.  I would have loved to hang out with her later or something.  Not in like a creepy, stalker kind of way but you know, sometimes you just meet someone and think, "wow, I could be friends with them."  She also had some of the cutest little girl clothes that I would have loved to have bought for my daughter and my niece.  Double Fail...

Although, I'm not sure what I would have said.  "Would you like to get coffee?"  Um, what?  Is this like me asking a girl on a friend date?  Oh dear, this must be how guys feel when they are trying to pick up a girl who just won't approach them.  Thank God I'm married because I would suck at the meeting people to date thing.  It's a wonder I am married... thank goodness for good friends who saved me from becoming the crazy dog lady in my old age.  Whew!  Narrowly missed that life fail.

Maybe this thought keeps coming up because my husband and I were talking about how small my circle has gotten.  Don't get me wrong, I'm kind of a loner and I know that.  I'm perfectly ok with that most of the time.  Every once in a while I think to myself, you are really a loner and you need to get out of the house more.

Getting into a routine of not associating with other people is easy for me.  I work full time, I have a daughter, we have a side business, and not to mention just regular life things happen.  I know there are people who are better at doing all of those things and more.  My problem is that I get so wrapped up in trying to get all of those things done in addition to keeping up with the house and every other loose end that I've been putting off that my social life takes a dive.

I'm not totally sure where this story was going but maybe it was just a reminder to myself to not be so stuck in my box and the next time an opportunity presents itself that I should remember not to blow it.  We all know making friends can feel like we're the new kid in the new school.  It passes.

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