Friday, July 24, 2015

I'm jealous

I think it is safe to say that we all envy someone for something whether it be materialistic or not.  To me it is just a reality that someone has something that you want.  Plain and simple.  There are plenty of materialistic things that I want but I'm really jealous of those things.  I just want them and can't or don't have them.  I can easily move on from that.

What am I jealous of you ask?

I am jealous of people who have a passion.  A few years ago (because I'm a quitter) I had started a blog that was entirely dedicated to me finding a passion.  I didn't do very well at keeping up with it (obviously) but at least it was something that got the wheels turning in my head.

It irks me to the umteenth degree when people talk about having this great passion for something but choose to do nothing with it.  Sometimes I wonder are you just saying that because if you say it enough times you will start to believe that this is your passion??  Or do you really have a passion for "it".  I mean if I really had a passion for something I feel like it would seep out of my pores, like last night's garlic on a 95-degree day.  You would find ways to incorporate it into your everyday life.  It would be every other thought in your head.

Now that doesn't mean that you couldn't be good at other things and do other things but if it were a passion, I feel like people would know.  It would be something that you were always working on... improving... perfecting.  Maybe I am completely off my rocker in this kind of thinking but that is what runs through my head.

This blog post idea came to me because my husband and I were talking about someone we both know and their passion.  My thoughts on the situation were, I've known them for over 10 years and that is something that barely has ever come up in conversation.  I look at people like my Aunt Sarah, she LOVES music.  She spent a good portion of her life making sure that music was a major component in it.  Even through all the chapters in her life, there has been that love and passion for music.  She made sure that people knew about it and was never ashamed to admit it.

There are many people who I'm sure struggle with this same thing.  I mean when you look at other blogs, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other the many social media outlets, there are always those people who are super inspiring because of the passion that they display about something (whether it be makeup, fitness, food, photography, shoes, nails, hair, soap, etc.) that they love!  Yes, I'm aware that social media is what you make of it but these people have made something of it.  They are so engrossed in what they feel and love that you find their presence undeniably magnetic.  It is amazing!

I find those people fascinating.  I watch and read things that I had little to no interest in just because I've found someone who is so in love with it that I like to see the enthusiasm that they show.  So if you have a passion, work on it, improve it, perfect it.  I applaud you!

What is your passion?

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