Friday, August 14, 2015


I used to be really good at planning dinner and knowing what I wanted to eat.  Since I've been pregnant with this baby I have been struggling.  I thought last week that I'd gotten my flow back but today the library is closed.  I want nothing that I have in my arsenal of recipes.  

Of course I could just pick something up, but I don't want to.  I feel like when you order food from restaurants it's all about the meat and the starch.  Where are the vegetables people???  I actually like vegetables and don't tell me something silly like potatoes are a vegetable.  Yes, technically it is a nightshade vegetable, however when planning meals, I consider it a starch.

Sometimes when I have days like this I have to text my friends and see what they are having.  The first response I got was, "Fish in lemon aioli, rice and baked cauliflower."  It didn't take but 2 seconds for the response to come back.  Ugh!  That sounds good but I don't have fish out or aioli...  sounds great but I'm not making that tonight.  Second text back was, "chicken and broccoli lasagna."  What?? Is that a real thing??  Well, I guess it is because the recipe shot back to me in record time.  Ok, but I'm not feeling that either...

What to do...

I wish that my husband had more of an opinion about what he wanted to eat.  I'd say the same about my daughter but she'd probably want to eat oatmeal or pizza for dinner every day.  Cooking is something that I love to do and enjoy while doing it but sometimes I just can't think of what to cook.

Hours later as I finish this post, something finally clicked and I got dinner under control.  We ended up having bison burgers, beef burgers with bacon and cheddar, hot dogs, bbq chicken, asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms, baked beans all on the grill and cole slaw made with napa cabbage.  Everything turned out pretty good but clearly I wasn't really sure what I wanted because I cooked everything!  We also had fresh strawberries and nectarines on the side.  

Yup, I blew it, I don't think I took a picture of the food as I cooked or even after.  Whoops!

If you would have stopped by my house you would have thought I was having a real cookout, not just dinner. It's funny how that happens sometimes.  It took me getting to the grocery store and wondering around for an hour to gather everything I needed to make it happen.  

I really hope that my brain starts getting back to where it needs to be for dinner.  I used to be creative and good at it but now I feel more like I'm slapping things together hoping that my family doesn't think that it, "tastes like wood."  <-- If you are old enough you will get the song reference... if not well... damn I just aged myself.

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