Thursday, August 27, 2015

Getting packages

So while we're on the theme of spending, it made me think about getting packages.

I love getting packages!  It's unhealthy for my bank account but I try to be reserved about what I buy.  I mean especially with Amazon Prime's free two day shipping, it's so tempting to just order some things.  That prime two day shipping especially came in handy when I became a mom.

You forget how convenient it is to just make a quick stop on your way home from work... alone.  Alone?  What's that??  I'm a mom.  There is no privacy or alone time.  Just kidding.  I do get some, it is just something that I actually have to work for now.  Even bathroom time (as many parents know) is no longer something that I get to do alone, especially since we are in the midst of potty training.  Wow!  This whole paragraph has nothing to do with getting packages... whoops.

Back on topic...

To me getting packages is fun.  Sometimes you know what's in them... sometimes you don't.  I've always loved the mail.  When I was a kid I remember loving to get the mail and bring it in.  There were so many times that I would hear people say, "when you get older it won't be so fun to get mail.  It will just be bills."  Well, let me tell you, I still love the mail and most of my bills are paperless.  So, ha!  The internet has changed the game people.

I get a few packages every month.  I know that probably sounds extravagant but hey, we all have our things.  I'm not into makeup or purses or whatever else I could spend my money on, like shoes... tee hehe.  I do like to buy from small businesses and I also like to buy things that I can't always get around me and since those things are often far away or cost too much to drive to, I will order it and have it shipped home.  It's so freaking convenient.

Also, I'm a lazy shopper.  There are many times that I would love to just get something in person or look at it in person but that isn't always the way to go.  I actually used to hate shopping online for myself because I wanted to try things on but over the last few years I've gotten way better at online shopping and even returns.  Sometimes, I want packages because you get cool boxes of things that you possibly would never have gotten in the past because you have a routine and stick to it.

The packages that I get aren't always just for me either.  I spread the love.  My daughter gets a Bluum box every month.  Some months are great, others, meh.  That's ok with me.  For the cost, I'm usually pretty happy with it. I mean, we'ere not going to love everything all the time.  I do like that you can add more stuff to the box on top of what they've already sent you.  I got my favorite cups and plates from this site.

We also get a food box with two different meals per week from Blue Apron.  This was part for me, part for my husband.  I thought it would be a nice way for him to learn to cook a little more but he decided even with everything laid out and ready for him, he's still not into cooking.  That's ok.  He can order a mean carryout.  Haha!  They were partly for me because I was struggling this pregnancy with ideas for food.  I love to cook, and if you know me, I spend a great deal of time in the kitchen.  (I've got the extra chin to show for it.)  This pregnancy, I couldn't get my brain wrapped around being creative in the kitchen like I normally am because I just didn't have much of an appetite for anything in the beginning.  That is a problem when you are responsible for the food/meals in the house.  Since the meals are different every week their recipe cards helped me get back into the creative cooking groove.  Even my husband was thankful for that because he couldn't eat another boring meal of baked chicken, broccoli and rice one more night.

The newest monthly package I've been getting is ScentBird.  August is the first month that I've received this.  I like to wear perfume but I tend to forget to wear it everyday because I'm always running out of the house like a mad person trying to be on time for work.  I love that the little spray container is just about the size of my mascara and it comes in a cute little velvety carry bag.  I also like that you can just change it out with the new scent and back into the purse it goes.  I mean look how cute it is.

signature black perfume case

This month I picked the purfume, Jungle Elephant by Kenzo.  It was a very unique scent.  Quite mysterious and spicy.   There were a few people in my office that asked what I was wearing and said that they really loved it.  I tried wearing the scent for 3 days but each time I put it on it didn't make me go, "yum."  I told my husband that I couldn't figure out what it made me feel like but a few days later I realized what it was... potpourri!  Oh no!  I've been walking around smelling like a bowl of potpourri that sits on the coffee table in the fall.  Ok, maybe it wasn't that bad and I'm being dramatic but that did cross my mind.  It did say that the main notes of the scent were: clove, cardamom (which I love), vanilla, licorice, and caraway.  I will say that it is probably is not a scent that I will purchase in the future but there were a few people in my office that really thought it smelled really, really nice.

I thought about getting a cologne subscription for my husband but I'm not sure yet.  I'm trying to decide between Scent Bird for him or Scent Trunk.  I'll probably get Scent Bird because I like it so far but who knows...  we'll see.

For now, I'll be waiting for my two most recent online purchases new shirts and some masks.  I've been watching a vlogger on YouTube who talked about sheet masks so I'm going to give a few of those a try... maybe that will be my next post.

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