Thursday, August 27, 2015

Let's spend all the money

So in my post from the other day (Happy 6 years!) I told you that I'd totally abused my credit card the next day at Gap...   Instead of writing a blog post with the words: cute, adorable and little said way too many times, I decided that I would instead make a video and post it to YouTube.

I did buy lots of adorable and cute things, you should watch it.  It doesn't have as many cool bloopers as my last video but hey, they can't all be that great!  Haha!

Feel free to check out what I bought and make fun of me as I make fun of myself... just don't be mean... being mean isn't cool.  There are too many mean people in the world we need more nice people who smile a lot.

If you watch this you should definitely turn it into a fun game involving the words: cute, adorable and little.

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