Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Happy 6 years!

I've decided it's either all or nothing with me for everything.  If I'm blogging, I'm a roll and the posts can pour out or I'm staring at the keyboard wondering why I even decided to start something like this.  Well, I'm the same way with shopping.  My credit card has been going through a whirlwind.  I've been spending like it's Christmas this past month.  It's embarrassing... but man is it fun.

A few weeks ago my cloth diaper store (clearly I'm territorial, my cloth diaper store.  haha!), celebrated their 6 year anniversary.  I was super happy for them.  I was so happy that I even posted a video on YouTube about what I bought there.  

Also, because I'm an editing pro (hahahahahahahaha!!) it took me a little while to get this thing edited and posted.  I will say that it was fun learning how to edit but man does it take me a long time... oh well.  I'm trying to stick to my plans from the New Year and do something new and uncomfortable.  

I'm definitely feeling the uncomfortable part...

You should come back soon because I abused my credit card the next day at Gap.  Just think, "all the cute and adorable little clothes..." Yup.  That happened.  Maybe tomorrow.

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