Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Oh my goodness, we're in the count down...

Last week it occurred to me that I only had 10 weeks left... 10 weeks!!  In less than 10 weeks, I will be responsible for another living being.  Where did the time go?  I feel like it was just a minute ago that I was writing the first posts about being pregnant again.

I'll be responsible for another beautiful human being like this one in less than 10 weeks.

This time has been so much different than last time.  There was no other little one running around being crazy last time, there was no dinner and bedtime schedules to abide by.  It was just me and the husband preparing for the new baby.  Back then I had time to shop at random stores to look at things for the new baby and eat wherever and whenever I felt the need.  It was amazing.  We are still having lots of fun right now but it isn't the same feeling as last time.

I'm so unprepared.

Have I thought about my hospital bag?  No.

Have I thought about making sure I have the newborn clothes for the new baby?  No.

Have I even gotten my newborn cloth diapers back yet?  No.

What am I doing with myself??!!

I don't want to look... It's too scary to look!!

Last time around I had checklists galore.  Probably too many, but checklists are nice.  They keep me organized and sane.  When you've completed the task you can cross that bad boy off the list.  Do I even have one checklist right now?  Nope... well maybe, I may still have the original hospital checklist in my phone from last time but who knows.

Last time I was so prepared I made a second hospital bag for one of my co-workers because she didn't have a lot of friends in this area and I thought it would be fun.  (Hi Catie! Hope you and Maddy are doing well).  I mean two hospital bags?  Yup.  That is normally who I am.  Right now, I'm just happy if I make it home in time to eat dinner and get the little momma to sleep before 9:30 pm.  If I get the dishes or something else done around the house that's a bonus.

I feel like I need to make a checklist of checklists that I need to start checking off.  Yup, you read that right a checklist of the checklists I need.  Maybe this week's "Work on it Wednesday" will be to get my lists ready by next weekend.  I haven't done a "Work on it Wednesday" in a while.  I actually forgot about them until this post.  (I'm still reading a little, not as much but some).

This week's work-on-it-Wednesday is to make the checklists of things I need to get done for the new baby.  I mean I've been pregnant for 31 weeks almost... I think it's time to get my act together.

Maybe I'll even blog about it... or better yet, I'll do a video :-)

 My 30 week belly shot

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