Friday, January 16, 2015

Flashback Friday: Monster Trucks

Last Friday I took the time to look back through my pictures and think about what I was doing one year ago and it was really fun, so in light of #FBF, I thought I'd go back to 2011 to see what I was doing then...

So as we travel back in time to 2011, I think about where I was in life... unmarried, child free, I wasn't even an aunt back then.  When I say "2011" it doesn't sound that long ago but when I think about how dramatically my life has changed from then it seems like an eternity ago.  As I look back four years, I was hanging with my brother and best friend (who are now husband and wife!) we were at Ford Field watching Monster Jam.

The crazy thing is I actually like Monster Jam but haven't been back since this time because life just wasn't permitting around this time of the year for the last three years.  Not that I'm super into it as in I know who all the drivers and trucks are but it is really fun to watch.  I mean if you really think about it there are trucks weighing a minimum of 9,000 lbs jumping in the air over other cars and even buses!!  I mean the tires weight like 900 lbs each!  That sounds like madness when you think about it.

When I look back to four years ago it was such a monumental year in my life.  At this time four years ago the following things weren't even on my radar even though they all happened in 2011:

  • Engagement.  I had been in a relationship (with my now husband) for a few years but we weren't committed by any ring or form of contractual paper.
  • Wedding and Marriage.  Sometimes I can be a bit impatient and we got married in the same year.
  • My nephew was born.  My brother had a baby boy!  That was just wild because I really thought I'd have to wait until my husband's sister had a child before I'd get a child that I hadn't birthed to spoil.  Man I love that kid.  I also have a niece from my husband's sister now.  She's such a doll!
  • More weddings! I'm not sure I even knew my sister-in-laws wedding date at this time.  
  • I had just changed employers.
It was definitely a year of huge changes for me at the time.

As I look back at my pictures to jog my memory, it was four years ago on this date I was checking out Monster Jam in Detroit at Ford Field.  I just think it is so cool to see these trucks doing what they do in such a small space.  I think it would be really cool if I got to go to something like this outside but whatever.

This is the view I got to see:

 It was a pretty packed place... I was a bit surprised

It looks like a tiny toy but those tires are taller than me!

What a random #FBF but I still thought it was pretty cool that on this day four years ago I was actually doing something fun.  I don't think I'll be going this year though... my husband doesn't get it and I don't think it's the place for my daughter yet.  She's got trucks to play with... they're just a little smaller.

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