Monday, January 12, 2015

Mustache Monday

Have you ever been so busy that you don't really take the time to really look at yourself?  Yes, you take the time to shower and dress yourself in clean clothes and all that regular jazz but no time for your regular war paint (or make-up as it commonly referred to).  Then you have that one day that you think, I've got a few extra two minutes, let me do my hair and slap on some lipstick then you look at yourself...

OH MY GOSH!!!  How long has this mustache been here???!!!??? Why did no one tell me it was so bad???

Ok, maybe it wasn't this bad but that's how I felt it looked.  

I always hope that my husband would notice things like this and kindly suggest that I attend to my growing symbol of masculinity but alas he doesn't.  Maybe that is a good thing because he tends to tell me how good I look no matter how not good looking I feel.  

Well no matter how much he didn't notice, I did take care of my ever growing facial hair in a hurry... it doesn't seem to go well with my shimmery pink lipstick.

Also, when did mustaches become such a big thing?  Me asking that makes me feel old and out of touch by the way...

Happy Monday!!  Now let's walk into the rest of the week like a boss!

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