Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Weekend snuggles... gone bad

This past weekend was great.  I was off on New Year's Eve all the way until yesterday.  I love getting more time to spend time with my daughter and husband.  I love to snuggle with her and usually I can only get those when she's sleeping because she's moving a million miles a minute the rest of the time.  There is a small window in the morning of possible snuggles but that is even a little hit or miss.

I'm totally surprised by this occurrence

Well, starting last Friday she was a little snuggly and that was wonderful.   I love getting my mommy hugs and snuggle time in.  Since the weather wasn't the greatest over the weekend it was kinda wonderful.  We stayed in Friday and just hung around the house and chilled. Then rolled around Friday night, she was a little clingy but that seemed ok because it was getting late and maybe she was just tired.  I let it go.  She went down for bedtime with the usual struggles but nothing truly unusual.

Well somebody's comfy

 Along comes foggy, cold Saturday... Well, Saturday must have brought in the crabbiness along with the cold weather because I could barely get a minute of baby-free time to even go to the bathroom.  She was attached to my arms.  It's not that I don't know how to do things with one hand (I mean let's be real, if you're a mom you become a one-arm bandit) but I was just getting used to using both hands again and also peeing alone.

By late afternoon snuggles had turned into full on industrial strength Velcro attachment.  She cried at the thought that I'd have to possibly put her down to change her diaper.  When I actually put her down for a change she screamed bloody murder like a horror film.  It broke my heart.

My husband went into work on Saturday and could see that she and I had had a very long day...

Sunday rolled around and the snuggles no longer had the same sparkle that the had on Friday.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder was a thought of the past.  Although I love her in my arms it wasn't the same as Friday when my neck wasn't tight from awkward sleeping arrangements and my arm didn't ache from constant carrying...

Then came Monday, the day that I wished I were a stay at home mom.  I wanted to call into work and tell them, "Sorry, my little girl isn't feeling well today, I'll be in tomorrow."  That isn't an option at work this week... My husband stayed home and I'm sure he did a great job but all I kept thinking about was how she sobbed as I left for work.  More heart break.

I rushed home from work, only to have her fall fast asleep on my chest as she's done so many times before.  I hadn't realized how much time had passed but I knew it was longer than usual.  Taking a nap around 5:30 or 6 is not uncommon for her but it's usually only 45 minutes or so... not this one... it was FOUR hours long!!  I couldn't believe it.  Four hours??!!  Instant regret popped into my brain but she finally woke up happy for the first time in three days.

We definitely stayed up much later than I had expected but even though that was a snuggle gone wrong, I'll take it just to see my little momma happy again.  Full of giggles and smiles makes it worth it to have to go to work and drink copious amounts of tea.

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