Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How Pinterest has... Ooh! Shiny thing!!

I am quite easily distracted.  Today, I went on the computer just to check one message I received via Pinterest and totally got sucked in.  Pinterest always seems to get me.  I love that site.  I mean there are so many cool things to look at and to learn how to do.

Aww... little me, many many years ago

As I was reading about concentric cracks vs radial cracks (we'll address that shortly) I thought why not write a Whimsical Wednesday post.  This is the journey I took through Pinterest today.

It all started with one little message:

and then I thought, "oh, that's a pretty make up look that (I'll never be able to do but) I'd like to look at and read about." So I checked this out :

15 Step by Step Makeup Tutorials for Different Occasions

This is a seemingly innocent pin on this journey.  

As I scroll further down the page, perusing through the pins, I ran across this:

I clearly needed to read up on what I need before getting a milk cow.  I barely have time to properly attend to my sweet dog. 

Why am I reading this??? I do like butter and cheese though.  Mmmm... cheese... *drool

After that little gander to the North Country Farmer, I ventured over to this:

Just in case my child has a nasty bout with an icky, crusty eye.  I now know the different types of pink eye as well as how to naturally remedy it.  Whew!  I'm glad I got that burning question answered.  I mean it's been bugging me.

After I gained more knowledge to bank in the for future use category. I got intrigued by this pin:

I might not know what lacto-fermenting is but I know that I like pickled veggies.  Now I know how to do it myself.  Well, maybe... I read how to do it but that doesn't mean that I really am going to execute it with great success... maybe that is a post for the future.

And then I found cracked tomatoes: 

That is where I learned the difference between a concentric crack vs radial crack.  It was a pretty interesting post but I don't garden.  I have a charcoal dusted, onyx thumb that can barely keep grass alive!

Oh, Pinterest.  I love you but dang it!  You can keep me occupied for hours upon hours.  

And that my friends is how my unfocused little brain works.  You see something interesting and you click.  As my brother would say, "ooh, shiny thing!"

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