Monday, February 23, 2015

Beautiful Family Weekend

Since I've become a mom I feel the impact of not spending time as a family more than when it was just the husband and I.

I had a bit of an extended weekend this week. Husband and I decided earlier in the week if time was permitting we'd take a day and spend it together. Well Friday came around and I had the availablility to take it off. He was going to take the whole day as well but said he just needed to run to the office for a minute in the morning. Since I'm not an early riser by nature and he is I figured he'd get up early and be home before I knew it.

Well as it turned out that didn't happen. I got up before he left and he wasn't home until the afternoon. *sad face* I thought well there goes our time and family time too.

Turns out I was wrong. Woo hoo! We had a date night on Friday. We even asked his parents if they wouldn't mind keeping our little Mini overnight. They of course happily obliged.

We stopped at two different places to see a bit of jazz and it was wonderful. I'd tell you more about who we saw but I'm not really that versed in jazz musicians and wouldn't be doing them any justice if I tried to speak of them and their wonderful talents.  

We even made a poor decision to get a bit of Taco Bell before the night was over.  Seriously we're not teenagers any more.  That was a BAD idea.  We paid dearly for that.  Oh well.  It tasted good at the time.

Saturday rolled around and we picked up Mini around noon and headed out to shop. We grabbed a bit of lunch which was quite a decision since we're not eating bread.  My husband is the sandwich/burger king so he struggled.  Afterward we spent way too much time shopping at Homegoods. We stopped at Sam's Club and I ran in to do more shopping while Husband and Mini sleep in the car.

It was so nice not to shop with her. I love my daughter but oh my goodness is it hard to shop with a 1 year old!

After all that shopping we were done. We headed home to relax and eat a dinner of the best roast I've ever made.  If you have ever met me you would know that I always make dry, tough roasts (yuck!).  Not this weekend though.  Woo hoo!!

Sunday was like icing on the cake. We watched a varsity girls basketball game and then did a bit more shopping. Well "shopping" implies we were buying things. We were really playing in Toys R Us for a few hours (literally). It was fun but exhausting. The best part was that we ended up only buying  $10 worth of balls. Haha!

It might not sound like some epic weekend to some people but in my book it was fabulous! Spending time with the two most important people in my life having fun and relaxing was just what we've all been needing.

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