Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why am I being so destructive?

This morning I was playing around in my Google+ profile and wanted to change a few settings (mistake numero uno).  Well, I was looking at the pictures and thought, "people don't need to see these duplicate pictures."  (mistake numero dos)

Have you ever seen this little guy before?  Today was a first for me :-(

I got a little clicking happy and deleted nearly all the pictures in my blog! AAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!  Yup, I've got mad skillz like that.

Instead of writing a nice blog post about who knows what, I instead spent way too much time trying to figure out what I had done and then how to fix it.  Thanks to good 'ol Google, I just searched for it and found out that I am one of many people who have made this mistake.  Luckily for me this blog is pretty new and I didn't have years and years worth of posts.

I did try to remember what pictures went where and what size they were (I'm sure I messed up a few, readers may be confused, haha!) but that was no easy task.  I can barely remember what I did yesterday let alone go through 40+ blog posts and try to fix all the pictures.  I tried to use the words as a guide but let's be real, I am not the person who has a hand written journal of all the blog posts that I've done with explicit detail of where everything goes.

Okay, well maybe I keep some notes

I usually write blogs as time is permitting and ideas are flowing.  For example, yesterday's blog was written in the car while my sweet little girl snoozed away in her carseat from the comfort of my driveway.  See, time permitting.  I knew that if I decided to move her in the house and try to get in done in there that was going to fail miserably.

Most of the pictures I use are usually things that I have or made quickly.  Since I live in the world of camera phones, point and shoot cameras and even my DSLR camera, it seems that I am always taking pictures.  It's mostly luck that provides these blog posts with pictures not impeccable planning skills (go figure).

So the next time you want to go playing with your settings and deleting things, think twice about that before you do.  You might not know the extended damage of what you did.

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