Thursday, February 12, 2015

I have a great idea!

... but what was it again???

My brain seems to constantly be jumping from one thing to another.  It seems like my best ideas tend to pop into my brain at the worst time.  You know like when you are dreaming knowing that you aren't going to remember when you wake up.  Or when you are in the shower where there is nothing around to write with  Or even better, while changing a diaper filled with poop that you are desperately trying to keep your child from touching.

I am an accountant.  Yesterday I was having a meeting with my boss about some year-end adjustments and mid sentence my brain just started trailing off into a great idea.  What was that great idea you ask?  Well, I have no idea because I was having an important discussion about numbers, very important numbers.  Gah!!  I cannot stand that.  Not only did I forget what the idea was I don't even know what it was about.

The best part of my whole thought process is that by the time I get an idea of what I was thinking about the second time around I will have forgotten the most intriguing part.  People get good ideas all the time but there has to be that one thing that makes the idea stand out and if you can't remember what that little bitty piece of information is then your idea is a bust.  You need the golden ticket!

I almost feel like I need to keep a note pad with me all the time so that when and idea comes around that I can jot it down.  Especially the most important part.

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